Why use DSMP? Why not Archiva?

DSMP is meant to filter all internet accesses of Maven, not to replace Archiva. Usually, you will want to use something like Archiva for your inhouse repository and use DSMP to allow Maven to access the internet (using the proxy element in settings.xml instead of mirror elements).


Why a separate project?

Maybe one day, DSMP will be merged with Archiva (or a similar project). Right now, I did it as a standalone project for these reasons:

  1. DSMP is a proxy, not a repository server
  2. On Unix, you build one tool to do one thing. DSMP can (and should be) chained with Archiva, so you can have both or none, just as you need it.
  3. DSMP is a standalone server. It cannot run inside Tomcat.

How to report bugs?

There is no mailing list, yet. Just send your bugs and comments to digulla@hepe.com.