The captain of the RORR tries to make heads and tails out of the reports he got from the surface.





The captain of the RORR snarled when he saw the figures. Almost one third of the crew of the lost HARIE was dead. 'Still nothing on what caused the desaster!' he wondered. 'And the General!' It was a black day for House Haul-Hau. The captain from House Haul-Heror felt with them. He looked up when a communication officer contacted him.

«There was nothing the medics could do. The General was already dead for too long to start a revive,» he reported. «An important document was found in his implant. It is currently in transmission but it is very large.»

The captain tilted an ear, wondering why his officer would mention this, and called the transmission log up. 'I see ... at the current rate, it would take hours to transmit!' The captain selected the document and gave it topmost priority. The transmission time was reduced to a quarter of an hour. 'That is the least I can do for the late general.' His attention returned to his officer. «And the Rabit

«Cleaned and returned to the others,» the officer reported. «Do you have any special orders for him?»

«No, we can question him later,» the captain decided. He looked at the transmission list. «Maybe Haul-Hau will have additional questions. We should have a reaction to the general's death in a few hours. Treat him as a honored guest until then. Of course, the usual safety measure still apply.»

«Yes, sir.»


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