Rabit are a hare-like alien race. They are usually 120 to 160cm tall, weigh between 40 and 60kg and are completely covered in fur. Their paws have four digits (three fingers and one thumb) and the legs have two knees (upper and lower).

Social System

Women rule in the Rabit society. Men can be found in subordinate and technical positions: Entertainers, technicians, hairdresser, doctors. More than 83% of all leading positions are occupied by women. Even the language is female. If a manageress speaks of her subordinates, she says "my womem". A lot of words have no male form.

There are only a few exceptions like the clansmen, who are proud that "no woman rules us." There are rumours that they are involved in illegal activities, though.


Compared to the body, the legs are unusually big (about 3/4 of the whole size and 2/3 of the mass). In the legs, Rabit can store sugar, fet and oxygen in special cells. Each leg contains a complete tube-heart. The best place to check the heartbeat is the inner loins. The usual heart rate is 160 beats per minute which can raise to up to 450 beats per minute. The strong muscles and the energy storage next to the muscle cells make the Rabit hind legs very strong and arduous. When in danger, they can jump up 3-4m, they can kick hard and they can run several kilometers before starting to tire.

Being vegetarians, Rabit have flat and strong teeth and two stomachs (pre-stomach and main-stomach). Most of them don't even eat eggs, milk or fish. Parks and public spaces are usually sprinkled with edible plants in pots or trees and bushes which grow fruit. It's not uncommon to have vegetable beds along the paths in a park along with tools to dig up the roots and a place to clean them. In high class rural areas, you can even find booths which cook, barbecue or fry them for you.


For many million years, Rabit were hunted by other animals. They still have a strong urge to avoid open places and prefer to live underground. A lot of Rabit are afraid of heights when they are above ground.


Since the Great Timereform (GTR) of 2031, Universal Time is defined as follows: 100 seconds = 1 minute. 100 minutes = 1 hour. 5 days = 1 week (Monday - Fryday), 30 days = 1 month. There is no leap year. Note that there is no universal length for the day or year.

The day is defined per planet. It's the time from sunrise to sunrise. Therefore, the length of the day is not constant, it changes with the rotation time, the declination on the planet and the distance to the sun. Noon is defined as 0000. The year is also defined per planet as the time it takes to reach the same orbital position.

When Rabit travel or make long range phone calls, their wribs receive a time definition for the destination which is automatically integrated. Special events like Christmas are defined my meteorological events instead of a fixed date.


The main topic of Rabit conversation is sex. Just like humans talk about the weather, Rabit talk about sex. Topics include the positions in vogue, their current partner(s), new toys, deseases, drugs or creams.

There are no taboos when it comes to sex. You will find Rabit mate in the train to work, in special rooms at work (so they don't distract anyone), in public parks.

Shyness is a recognized mental illness. Thankfully, only very few Rabit are infected by it.

Females give birth to one to eight babies after six months of pregnancy with four being the standard. Lone children are very rare (one out of 150'000 births). This is mostly due to infections or accidents during the childbearing. If both parents are healthy, only one out of 45 million births will be a lone child (i.e. where only a single egg was fertilized and grew into an embryo).

Randy & Randy

The most famous TV show in this regard was "Randy&Randy" which ran in the early evening. During the show, all the usual sex topics were presented by the twin moderators Mel und Tom Randy, often with live demonstrations. Motto of the show was: "We can't recommend until we tried it ourselves." Since the moderators were funny without being lewd, people loved the show. Many parents would allow their children to watch.

An important part of the show as an interview with a famous person, often carried out with a hidden camera. Over the years, it became mandatory for a star to appear on the show in such a way. Being ignored by Randy&Randy could end your career prematurely.

About 10 years ago, the show was cancelled all of a sudden. The moderators claimed that "the format was squeezed dry" and that they "need a artistic time off." When they show never came back, rumours started to float around that the moderators had pissed off someone important.

There had been several attempts to copy the show but none were quite so successful.



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