Rarrarar asks Raor to translate Forne's words.





"The Rabit are the children that we never had."
— Raor, Rabit Specialist

Raor moved the virtual files before her inner eyes to the side. 'Which one to choose?' Genetically, she would match better with Roar but he was from House Hawer. Hawer was not shy to state their concern about the cooperation with the Rabit race. Her chances were slim that Roar would agree to a sperm donation. 'If only the relations to the Rabit were more important already.' Having open trade would make her skills as a translator much more useful. 'But there is not even a date, yet, when the Rabit will start negotiating such a treaty.' She felt frustrated. 'I am the best Rabit specialist in the empire but as long it is not certain that the contacts will be permanent, I am as useful as a professor of ancient Haul.' That left her with Rror. He would probably agree but she despised the attitude of his House. It was her first offspring and she didn't want it to become a jerk.

An incoming call ripped her out of her thoughts. When she checked the signature, she couldn't believe it for a moment. 'Rarrarar, First Adviser of Honorable House Haul-Hau!' she marveled. 'One of the most important Haul!' Quickly, she accepted the call. «My life for the house,» she greeted the old adviser and hoped her ears didn't impose too much of her nervousness on him. «How can I help you?»

«My life for the house. I have an urgent matter which falls into your area of expertise,» Rarrarar said to her in a friendly tone, his ears matching his voice.

'This could be my chance!' she realized. «Certainly, honored Adviser. You need a translation?»

«I prefer to discuss the details nose to nose,» the Haul told her. «Are you available?»

She felt overrun. «Yes, Sir. I ... yes.»

«A priority transport is on its way. I am looking forward to meet you in person. My life for the house.»

Raor blinked.

After a moment, Rarrarar asked: «Is there a problem?»

Raor noticed she was wasting the time of one of the most important Haul in the empire again. «No, Sir! I will be ready when the transport arrives. My life for the house!» She cut the connection.

Her implant notified her that a transport to the compound of House Haul-Hau had arrived. 'So quickly? He must have sent it even before calling me!'

She started to worry what could be so important.


As you can see, working with their implants is like breathing for the Haul. If a Haul is working in front of a computer screen, the screen is usually only a backup for an emergency situation, for example when the radio connection to the implant is not working.


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