The Haul are an ancient wolf/dog-like race. They used genetics several thousand years ago to create perfect bodies for themselves which explains why they all look the same in the human visual spectrum. You must be able to see infrared like them, to tell the individuals apart. Male and female Haul also look exactly the same when clothed. Females have six tits but no breasts to speak of until they give birth. Which doesn't happen. In vitro birth is really uncommon among Haul. Offsprings are created in bio-labs, grown in artificial wombs and then raised and educated in special treatment camps.

They are very good at hunting and any kind of sport. A Haul would never walk past a challenge (in the positive sense; you can't insult them). Sailing, for example, is a favorite pastime for the high class Haul - if there is enough wind. 120mph is just right; a hurricane with 180mph and 90ft waves is great. Anything below that is "child's play". And if the crews comes back without any losses (limbs, lives, a sail or pieces of the hull), then it wasn't that much fun, either.

Their bodies are muscular and well toned. They have sharp senses of smell and can see from infrared to green/cyan. Their ears are a bit better than humans. Eye color is yellow.

All Haul wear an implant in their head by which they can control their emotions, access their wireless computer network, overlay their vision and hearing with artificial generated content. Most of them have a socket at the base of their skull to connect something to their implant (medical device, external hardware, etc). The socket doesn't stand out (so you don't brush against it all the time) but is easy to spot if you know it's there. It's about 1cm wide. Implants are always under the control of the owner; there is no central control or access against the will of the brain it's attached to.

The implant is necessary for Haul to keep their raging emotions in check. Death means little to them. During childhood, while their brain still grows, they usually kill a few friends and companions in the heat of the moment. Or a teacher if they can outsmart one. When they get the implant (and a grip on their outbursts), they become adults. They feel no remorse for what they did. Life is life and death is part of it.

They are very careful and tend to plan for every eventuality. Their planet-spanning super-sonic subway systems has seen its last accident 5000 years ago. That doesn't mean they are anxious; they just carefully calculate the risk before they do something. To prevent accidents, there is a empire-wide system of sensors and cameras which monitor everything, every building, every move, every word being spoken. This system is smart enough to warn and to call for help when it notices something brewing. All this data is free to access for everyone. There is no exception. If you want to see what any Haul is going right now, you can. This goes from the Emperor to the common worker. There are no hidden cabinets, no secret talks or contacts. Haul are completely open and honest.

Unlike humans in the same place, Haul don't feel this as oppressive. Since they can achieve anything they like without having to resort to violence or crime, they are living in a perfect if static world.

Their greatest fear is that they will eventually stop evolving.

Haul don't sleep. They can partition their brain and send half of it to rest. When awake, they can follow two or more activities at once without much effort.



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