Implant War

The Implant War was fought roughly 7'000 years ago between two factions of Haul. One had learned to use the implant technology to control their raging emotions and tried to convince the rest of the race to follow their example.

The other faction was either wary of the idea to install something in their heads or they refused the idea to tamper with their souls outright.

In the end, the pro-implant faction won since they could accept a defeat in cold blood and withdraw while their opponents continued to fight even when the odds became obviously hopeless. Making a last stand can work but it is not a good general strategy.

During the war, a complex set of protocols and ceremonies were developed to make sure that every Haul knows how the implant works, how they need to use the programming devices and how to read the measurements of the sensors. If a Haul needs to make a change to the settings, he will visit a doctor to get a second opinion on his plans and will make the modifications himself. Possibly while the doctor is still around.

Today, a Haul receives his implant when the brain stops to grow. This point in time marks the beginning of his teenage years during which he will learn to control his impulses with the help of the implant. When he finally manages the necessary skills, he is considered an adult.



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