Welcome to the Dead Simple Maven Proxy (DSMP).

When using Maven, you're sometimes faced with these issues:

  • You want Maven to use a certain mirror site
  • All the developers in your team should use the same plugins.
  • An official release is broken or needs a patch to work for you
  • How do I allow Maven to use a SNAPSHOT of some plugin without getting all the other snapshots?
  • You compile some project which insists to download dependencies from some obscure site.
  • You want all the developers in your team to use the same plugins.
  • There is an insane firewall installed in your company which just denies to download the odd JAR from the official Maven repository.
  • You want to use the mirror settings of Maven (in settings.xml) but not all your projects use the same mirror ids. For example, one project thinks "codehaus.org" is for the release site, while another expects to see the SNAPSHOTs there.

DSMP to the rescue.

What DSMP is

DSMP is a proxy. It can be used as a repository server but it's main purposs it to act as a filter when Maven accesses the internet. If you need a repository server, use Archiva.


You can download DSMP here.


See this document how to compile and install DSMP.

Configuration and Usage

In this document, you can find a description of the configuration options and usage patterns.